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Ensuring a Proper Fit

A properly fitted insulated cover will easily slide over the backflow prevention assembly without drooping or sagging.

Backflow Specialty Equipment Company manufactures and stocks sizes that meet most of the requirements for pipe sizes up to 2”. Our stocking distributors will have these common sizes in stock.

Custom sizes are available. Custom orders will be manufactured in accordance with drawings and/or written size information.

All sizes are available as pads as well as “bags”. The pads have grommets on the sides that allow the pad to be snugged down against the pipe for protection against the wind. The use of nylon wire ties allows an inexpensive installation.
The following criteria should be considered when sizing an insulated bag:

Measure Art

• The lay length of the installation: Measure the distance from the outside of the inlet riser elbow to the outside of the outlet elbow. Add approximately 3” to 4" to this length to ensure that the bag will slip on or off the assembly with ease.
• The location of the Test Cocks: If the backflow prevention assembly has side mounted test cocks, add approximately one to two extra inches to the length of the bag.
• The location of the Relief Valve: If the backflow prevention assembly has a side mounted relief valve, add approximately 2” inches to the length of the bag. (NOTE: In the case of the FEBCO 825Y, the added length for the Relief Valve also provides the necessary additional length for the side mounted test cocks.)
NOTE: If the bag or pad does not reach the ground, it may be desirable to install foam pipe insulation on the exposed pipes below the bag or pad.

Standard Sizes:

The first dimension listed for each size is the approximate inside length, while the second dimension listed is the approximate inside free height. Please note that the installation over which the cover is being installed may alter the effective length and height of the cover. Dimensions may vary slightly from bag to bag. Bags are sized while the bag is lying flat; therefore, pipe diameter measurements also need to be considered while sizing.

Backflow Cozy™ :

backflow cozyThe Backflow Cozy™ is designed to cover backflow prevention assemblies and can be purchased as either a pad or a bag.

SMALL: 18” X 18”
MEDIUM: 24” X 21”
LARGE: 30” X 21”
X- LARGE: 36” X 24”
XX-LARGE: 42” X 27”
XXX-LARGE: 48.5” X 27”
XXXX-LARGE: 54" X 27"

Bypass Cozy™ :

On Fire Line Services, BASECO suggests a Bypass Cozy™ to protect the meter and bypass assembly and protection of the test cocks.bypass cozyThe Bypass Cozy™ is designed to cover backflow prevention assemblies and meters installed as bypasses in the detector assemblies often used in Fire Line Services.
SMALL (sbp): 18” X 15”
MEDIUM (mbp): 21” X 18”
LARGE (lbp): 24” X 18”
X-LARGE (xlbp): 32” X 18”

A special version, the Deep Skirt Bypass Cozy™ is available for Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies. This version should be used when the bypass assembly has the Relief Valve installed below the assembly.
SMALL (DS-S): 20” X 20”
LARGE (DS-L): 24” X 22”

TestCock Cozy™ :

testcock cozyThe TestCock Cozy™ is designed to protect the ½” and ¾” ball valves used as test cocks on most assemblies 2-1/2” and larger. .

Custom Sizes:

Some of our competitors make covers for large assemblies that utilize buckles and straps which can be undone to access the assembly. These straps, in the experience of the designer of the Cozy™ line of insulated covers, rarely last more than a couple of years before failing, thus they are not a good solution to the problems presented by large bags on assemblies with valve stems that may reach well above the technician’s head.

Backflow Specialty Equipment Company BASECO makes aesthetic covers for assemblies 2-1/2” or larger.

Aesthetic MegaCozy
Note that the rising stems and chain are exposed so that the fire department can do a visual inspection.

Open for serviciing
g Simple wire ties are used to close the cover at the grommets

\Open for servicing

If a customer wishes to have a cover for 2-1/2” or larger backflow assemblies for aesthetic reasons, BASECO suggests a cover consisting of the inner and outer fabrics as well as the foil-foam-foil insulating material used on Cozy Line™ products.

BASECO will manufacture such products to a customer’s written order with drawings. Pricing will be on a time and material basis. Please ensure the accuracy of the drawings as covers made to the drawings are not returnable. On Fire Line Services, the technician should still install a Bypass Cozy™ and some insulation on the test cocks. The larger, uninsulated cover, can cover everything.

Custom covers for large assemblies will be manufactured in several pieces with the split line at the top and with grommets every 12” inches for fastening . The grommets can be joined with nylon wire ties. This will ease servicing and reduce the risk to the backflow technician.

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Warranty: There is no warranty, implied, or otherwise, on the Cozy™ Line of insulated backflow prevention assembly covers regarding thermal damage to the covers or the backflow prevention assemblies or any other pipe, appurtenance, or fixture. BASECO warrants the materials and the construction of the insulated covers for three years so long as the cover is not subjected to physical or other abuse (such abuse includes, but is not limited to, being run over by a lawn mower, vandalism, chemicals, etc.).
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