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The outer cover is made of a heavy fabric with a coating to make it waterproof. This cover is UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and abrasion resistant.

The inner cover is also made of a mold and mildew resistant fabric that is coated to make it waterproof.

The fill consists of a mold and mildew resistant batting and a base material supporting two radiant energy reflectors. The materials used have a minimum R-value of 16 (actual R-value of the insulation will exceed 16.5) and provide 97% reflectivity of radiant energy.

The radiant energy reflectors help the Backflow Cozy™ line of insulated covers keep heat in during the winter, and keep the sun’s radiant energy out during the summer. The result is the first All Season insulated cover.

Chemicals in the water as well as the pH of the water (acidity is a concern) cause damage to the resilient rubber components of backflow prevention assemblies. Butyl-based (black) rubbers are susceptible to attack by chloramines, a disinfectant used by many water agencies. Since butyl based rubbers are frequently used in diaphragms due to their elasticity, the relief valves of reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assemblies are particularly vulnerable.

The ability of the Cozy™ line of insulated covers to reflect the sun’s radiant heat can substantially reduce the heat gain of the backflow assembly during the summer. Since heat accelerates chemical reactions, this reduction in heat gain can significantly reduce damage due to chemical attack, thus reducing the frequency of repairs.

The Backflow Cozy™ line of insulated covers are known as “The Testers Choice"
They are designed to make the assembly technician’s job easier. The bottoms of the covers have two sets of grommets, each set offset towards one of the ends of the cover. This permits the cover to remain locked to the assembly installation while the technician tilts the cover for servicing the backflow assembly.

Backflow Cozy™
pic of bag installed

Known as “The Tester’s Choice, the Backflow Cozy™ is available as either an envelope or a pad. This All Season cover is durable and effective as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Bypass Cozy™

The Bypass Cozy™ is a pad designed for fire line service bypasses. This pad has all of the features of the Backflow Cozy™ plus it features
grommets on the side placed so as to allow a wind-resistant installation.

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There is no warranty, implied, or otherwise, on the Backflow Cozy™ line of insulated backflow prevention assembly covers regarding thermal damage to the covers or the backflow prevention assemblies or any other pipe, appurtenance, or fixture. BASECO warrants the materials and the construction of the insulated covers for three years so long as the cover is not subjected to physical or other abuse (such abuse includes, but is not limited to, being run over by a lawn mower, vandalism, chemicals, etc.)

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