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Baclflow Specialty Equipment Company (BaseCo) was founded by Dennis and Maura Buller.

Dennis Buller, a licensed plumbing contractor, has specialized in the field of cross-connection control. As a Cross-connection Control Program Specialist, as well as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, Dennis founded Taurus Engineering & Testing Service in January of 1993.

In the years since, Dennis has conducted tens of thousands of cross-connection control surveys, hundreds of proof-of-separation tests (shutdown tests), and tested tens of thousands of backflow prevention assemblies.

The products BaseCo produces are the result of Dennis’ years in the field and his educational background in mechanical engineering.

Maura, an experienced quilter, is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Backflow Specialty Equipment Company, Inc.

Dennis decided to design a cover that would offer an improvement over every cover on the market with better resistance to heat transfer, a durable UV resistant outer cover, and tester friendly construction.
The end result is an insulated cover with superb UV resistance that ensures the cover will have a long, attractive service life, excellent resistance to both heat loss and heat gain, and would make the backflow assembly technician’s job less time consuming.

Backflow Cozy™ backflow prevention assembly insulated covers are known as, “The Tester’s Choice™”. These covers can be locked in place while allowing the tester to service the backflow assembly. The grommets are large, to accommodate all locks, and are durable.

These are All Season covers. Because they have a radiant heat barrier, they reduce the heating that occurs in the summer when the sun’s radiant heat can result in very high temperatures within the cover and the assembly.

High temperatures accelerate the chemical deterioration of the resilient rubber components of backflow prevention assemblies. Even a modest reduction in temperatures will substantially reduce repair costs over the long term.

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