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Welcome to the Backflow Specialty Equipment Company (BASECO) Website.

BASECO was founded for the specific purpose of supporting the backflow prevention assembly technician community with products tailored to the needs of the technician. Our premier product, the Backflow Cozy™ Line of insulated backflow prevention assembly covers is available immediately. Other products, such as specialty tools and training videos, will be announced on this site as they enter development and become available.

Our dedicated manufacturing facility allows us to produce high quality products in an efficient manner. We are able to manufacture, and inventory, a complete range of standard products and to manufacture custom products to suit the needs of the customer.

Cozy Farm

To ensure that our customers get the best possible service, we have established, and are continuing to expand, a distribution network that includes distributors in the specific fields of backflow prevention assembly parts distribution, irrigation, and pipe and supply. Please refer to our ordering information page to determine the distributor best suited to your needs.

For sizing guidelines, pricing, and ordering information, please contact:

ASTRA Industrial Services
National 1-800-776-1464
Get The Right Product
1. Determine which of the Products Available is best for you
2. Read the descriptions, Ensuring A Proper Fit then Select the Size that fits your needs
3. Identify the Stocking Distributor you wish to use and Place Your Order
If you would like a brochure in .pdf format that you can print.